My Art: The summer of Joy

I had a little student, who I tried to persuade about the greatness of English and language learning.  However, she moved to another city and our lessons ended. I thought, I gave her a farewell present, this was when I painted ‘The Summer of Joy‘.

You have to know this little girl, called Lil, really loves South Korea and its K-pop idols and all these crazy stuff. She was lucky enough to travel to the country, thanks to her school, and spent some time there. I thought, I should have captured those unforgettable moments of her trip, which was at the same time, as our last summer. I looked for something which would remind her those days in South Korea. I chose the Namsan Tower of Seoul. I found a picture about it during spring time, and I found another one, which showed it from a different angle. It was took under some Japanese cherry trees. I combined them to make my pwn version.

The two pictures I used:


My combined version:

The Summer of Joy.JPG

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. I love the colors and the title. I think really I captured a real moment of a joyful summer. In addition, Lil looked really happy when I gave it to her.


Bachelorette Party

“I am lonely in a crowd
And I am quiet when it’s loud
No I don’t know what I want
But I will figure it all out”

Once again a friend, or more like friends, because I know well both members of the couple, are getting married. However, this time I was invited to the Bachelorette Party too, which was last weekend. New experiences, new people. It was challenge after challenge for me, but I was up to it.

The bride started it with a Facebook group chat and it ended up to be about two months long talking and planning in a Facebook group with 11 faceless people. I met one or two before, and even though there were profile pictures for everyone it felt somehow faceless for me. Isn’t it ironic, that I felt this way, while I was the one with a painting instead of a real picture of me as a profile? During these months there were fights and misunderstanding, but after all we were able to work together, to make the bride happy.

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Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

I saw the movie, the original Swedish one, at first. It was haunting and mesmerizing and I couldn’t wait to see the two other movies. From that moment, I promised myself that I had to read the book. Finally, I did, but did it make the movies better or worst?

The Millennium Trilogy was written by Stieg Larsson, who planned the story of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist 10 book long. Unfortunately, he died before, he could finish the series and only the first three book was written and published. There is a hearsay, that he died by a heart attack, when he was on his to the  publisher. It was caused by climbing the stairs, because the elevator was broken in the building of his publisher. I don’t know, if it’s true or not, but I know one thing. Something great was lost forever on the day he died.

The three books main story is how a journalist and a strange girl conquer the world, or at least Sweden. It’s sad that the writer could never enjoy and see the success of his stories. The first book called, The girl with the dragon tattoo. In it, Mikael Blomkvist the journalist, who is in the middle of huge scandal, gets the chance to investigate a more than twenty years old death case. This is how he meets Lisbeth Salander, the unique looking girl with great abilities. Together they go after the killer, who might still live the same place, where the murder happened.

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The Prank

My mother now is retired, but before that she worked at three different places during the years. She loved her work and it wasn’t an easy decision to leave it behind, but things changed and it was the best for everyone. Unfortunately, she once left one of these places with a bad taste in her mouth. It wasn’t because of the job itself, or the coworkers. There was a new boss in town, who was a real pain in the… . I guess, you know, what I mean. Anyway, luckily she got a better opportunity and she could move on, even though she spent 25 long, exhausting, and also joyful, years there. Of course, me and my brother knew how she felt about the changed circumstances. It was a good decision after all, because the place became a mess and the hotbed for corruption. Even when she was there it had started and she was smart and left with some evidence, in case you know she might need it in the future. (She needed that Trump card sooner then she thought.)

The last day was her farewell party, me and my brother were there too, because from our early childhood we were part of the office. Fortunately, because  we had a plan, and we needed good allies. We thought that ‘yes our family is ready to leave, but not without leaving a small present’. So when everyone left then me and my brother stayed at the office and wallpapered the opening hall with a revolutionary party cat. It was my brother’s idea. We work very hard on it from about 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.. It was badshit crazy, and tons of fun. My mother was worried what would happen, but deep down she was proud of us.

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“All we have to see
Is that I don’t belong to you
And you don’t belong to me”

It is so true and finally not just me, but my teachers and the old fashioned and cruel school system know it too.

I finished school. I have a BA degree, and at the end, I became really proud of it. Surprisingly, the whole school experience during my life wasn’t the best, but my last exam was awesome. It was 25 minutes long and it was more like a conversation between smart people then a real oral exam. I promised myself one thing, before I started the university, that my thesis work will be incredibly good and I will be proud of it for the rest of my life. I kept the promise and it all became true. Now, I am freshly graduated unemployed person.

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#MeToo, My Dad and Dirty Jokes

I read about the #MeToo stories and I really try to understand it. First Weinsten, then Kevin Spacey, after that Aziz Ansari, but somehow his story was different. It was mostly about women, but once in a while an article came up, where a man was able to admit some horrible experience in their life too, like Terry Crews. Meanwhile, all these #MeToo moments, I read about a woman, who falsely claimed that he was raped and someone accused George Takei and it wasn’t real either. I do not question any of the victims, but with all these information, it’s not always easy to decide, who tells the truth. Especially when suddenly you see your favorite, a respectable old man got into #MeToo, which in this case was Morgan Freeman. Especially after his story, that my dad came to my mind.

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Meditation – Noises

When I read about meditation the books and articles mostly recommend a quiet relaxing place. I tried to follow this advice, but by the past few days I realized a little noise can be helpful. Usually, I try to hermetically seal myself from noises during meditation. However, the other day I forgot to close my room’s door and the TV and my family’s voices infiltrate into the room. First I thought, damn it, then I realize perhaps it can be useful. You know what? It was.

First of all, if you have these bothering sounds around you during meditation, you have to be more focused and because of it the whole experience becomes more intense. It’s not easy to describe it, but by these circumstances I needed to concentrate stronger and I could feel it in my mind and body, how different it was. I would say my presence was really firm. It’s not the same like meditating in the crowd. I know that I am in a safe place and only noises are able get to me. I found this a safe and at same time challenging way to practice meditation better.

From now on, I won’t stick to the hermetically sealed place to meditate. I don’t say I will always use the pleasant effect of the noises, but I try to live with my possibilities and use them well. Dear Reader, I recommend you to try it once, it can be a really eye opening experience.


How should I feel about my life?

Really close to the third X, still living with my parents, just finishing school to start to live in the world of unemployment. It does not sound like a dream life. In addition, probably I should be ashamed. There are people who try to make me feel this way, but I refused to believe them.

I don’t say I am fully happy with this kind of life, but everything that happened in the past years, I think it all happened with a reason. Like two years ago, when my father had an accident and, as a student, I was able to stay at home with him. My progress in school wasn’t always my choice, there were times when I had to make money wise decisions and only took 3 or 4 subjects, which I could pay for the semester. I’d had a job on and off for a few years, but right now I had to focus all my energy to get my diploma. I would be happy to say that by this degree I will have a chance to go on and live a happy life, but it is really questionable.

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My Art:Dot Hacker – Collection (part 2)

So a little bit more than two moths ago, I shared a post about one of my paintings. It was for a competition. I’ve had some plans with that picture. First I just played with the idea, then I figured out how and I used the original picture half-ready version to design something. (It wasn’t my first design and in another post, I will share my other work too, but now focus on this one.)

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Just My Luck

The past few weeks, I was working on my thesis and last week I submitted it. I was so happy and also tired, because my thesis has its own story, which I would like to share with you. If anything can happen during the process to make it hard covered, well all happened with me, but let me start at the beginning.

My thesis consultant was really supporting with my ideas and even though he didn’t see it through at first, he always gave some kind of feedback about my work. While my friends complained that their consultant did not answer, or even read their work, I had no problems. Except two weeks before the submission headline, when my consultant disappeared. I’d just finished the main part of my thesis and I was dying to know, if it would work  or not, when he was unreachable. He didn’t show up at our meeting, he did not answer to my emails and even his colleagues hadn’t seen him for days. I guess you can imagine how frustrated I was. Finally I reached him a week before the headline. He called me and asked to fix a few things, but it was a go, I could submit it.I corrected the mistakes and gave it the right look by the rules.

Before I submit my work, I have to have get a certification from the university’s library that I uploaded my thesis in their system. Of course, it was a holiday weekend and I’d only had one day to get this paper, print my thesis and get it a hard cover. I talked with my friends, wrote to library and figured out that, if I upload it on Friday I can get my certification paper on Saturday. After that, I would have Wednesday for everything else. I went their on Saturday to get to know that the system accepted my thesis, but it deleted all my data and it refused to let me write it back, when I tried. Me and the kind librarian did everything and after half hour of begging, the system let us in and I got the certification. I went home with a calm but little bit worried feeling, what else can happen.

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