“Across the Universe”

Do you know the song which I mentioned in the title? I do and I love it. It doesn’t matter if we talk about the original Beatles song, or the David Bowie cover, this song is always magical.

You remember when your literature teacher said that the author had wanted to express his feelings about something something by this poem or novel etc. . Damn, I hated when they talked like this. Personally, I think that yes, an artist or author or just a person uses their momentary feelings to express themselves by art, but I really think that everyone has the right to interpret it as they want to. For example, you love this catchy love song from the radio and it means a lot to you because of the lyrics or a memory, you feel that it was written for you. Unfortunately, in reality two guys were high on pot and they wrote the song while they were waiting for their pizza. It wouldn’t be a pretty thing to figure out, that it wasn’t a man who needed a woman to love him. It was two guys who felt they would have died without a slice from their favorite pizza. Don’t you think? So yes perhaps the writer had an idea, but you don’t have to have the same one when you meet his art.

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Meditation (Week 40) – calm me down

The past month was really hard and I will share it in another post why. Of course, everything had to end in a huge crying. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t stop my tears. I was exhausted and felt horrible. So I cried and I didn’t find comfort at home because on that day my mother thought that it was her bad day not mine (it wasn’t). When I was with my friends I couldn’t cry because I was at a coffee house and no I am that kind of person who cries in the middle of everything. At the end I was alone at home in my room crying and felt horrible and I wanted to stop it and get myself together so I used my old friend called meditation. In the middle of my tears I started to focus on my breathing and slowly but successfully it helped. It made me calm and still I felt that the world is horrible but at least I was able to stop those stupid tears. Sometimes when no one around to help you, you have to help yourself. This is what meditation for to learn how to concentrate to the right things and find peace deep down in you mind to comfort yourself.

Meditation (Week 39) – Talk about it

Mediation is something that I do for myself and honestly this is a one person journey and I’m happy that I can have it. However, once in a while it would be nice to share tips or experiences with someone about it.

My friends are not really into it. I know some of them believe that a nice cup of tea is just as meditational as my solution. They are right it can be. I know few of them are interested in it, but without an instructor’s help they are not able to start it. I tried to explain my methods for them and how they didn’t need help because it’s really their choice. Of course, I understand that they would rather do it with the help of a professional. You know we are all different and it’s alright because this makes the world so beautiful, but it can be lonely too.

So here I am with a blog where I share my thoughts and experiences and without an answer I just hope that it may help someone to start it or try it out. Someone may have questions about it and my posts are helpful for them. Let’s hope the best and go on with our journey.

Weight loss

Sometimes Facebook likes to hide little sponsored advertisement on my wall between the posts. Every time this happens I find it strongly irritating. There is only one thing, which is more irritating then the advertisement itself, the content of it. Usually it’s about a magical pill or oil which makes you thin and pretty in a minute.

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Meditation (Week 38) – hold your breath

Do you remember when I complained that I didn’t know how to stop meditation? Now I have a way. The same book, which nicely explained the right way of breathing for me, recommends to hold your breath for a few seconds and repeat this action.

The book itself advised it as a way to make your lungs stronger. You have to take a deep breath and held it for  five seconds then later it can be minutes. I use it at the end of my meditation. By that I slowly change the rhythm of it and I can nicely come out of it. I take three deep breaths and hold them for five seconds. Sometimes I count but usually I just tell my mantra slowly in my head. After that I open my eyes a few more breaths I say Namaste. This is the end of it.

I never saw it anywhere before that people does it during meditation, but everyone has their on way and this is my choice. Don’t afraid to adapt new, perhaps unknown things, in your own meditation habits. The most important of it that it has to suit for you. Be creative and find your own way.

Meditation (Week 37) – side effects

I read this article and it really made me think. This is about the dark side of meditation or, as I called in the title, the side effects of it. Before I read it, I didn’t think that mediation was able to have some sort of uncomfortable effects on my life. But we have to face it, of course it can have. Why? Because there is no thing in the world which wouldn’t have a dark side. Everything has and this is alright.

However, let’s see what are the side effects of mediation. First of all I would like to mention something which I experienced personally. I have back problems. Because of it, I always mediate on my couch where I can support my back. A few times I tried to meditate on the floor in a lotus position and honestly it hurt like hell. I couldn’t do it because after a few minutes my back was killing me. So I made a decision. I know that meditation is good for me, but I have to do it on my own way if I don’t want to hurt myself.

Let’s see the mental part. The article mentions stuff like feelings of anxiety, insomnia and other problems. I had similar issues before I started to meditate. Even though sometimes my insomnia is stronger than usually. I don’t think that meditation is the reason for it. In addition, I haven’t practiced it long enough to say that I could reach the part where I experienced negative effects.

Luckily, there is something great about the dark side of meditation. As the article called it, this problems are challenges. I couldn’t agree more. I believe that one of the most important part of the mediation the challenge of it. It can be physical to sit tight for minutes or , mental to concentrate strongly to your breathing. There is a dark side to balance it and you don’t have to afraid from it. Like bad and good or yin and yang,  both positive and negative side effects are the part of it. You have to accept it as a  challenge and fight it.

Under Pressure

It’s exam time again and during that I am under a lot of pressure. I want to go forward in my life, but because of one exam and a strongly screwed up system I can’t. So here I am standing next to the board of depression and sanity. First, I was tense and nobody was able to talk to me. Perhaps it was the easier part because now I’m just listening to the fight between my mind and soul.

It looks like this:

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Meditation (Week 36) – the cloud of melancholy

I don’t think that happy people exists in this world because melancholy gets everyone once in a while. This week it found me. I tried to avoid it and focus my attention to my friends, but even they were full of negative energies.

What is the solution in this case? I meditated. I used mediation to fight all my sad and heavy feelings. I tried to chase away that strong cloud of melancholy which was around me all week. At first, it didn’t show any sign of my attacks, but at the second half of the week it worked. Every day I sat down and let myself to forget about the problems and only focus on positive things.

You have to believe in your dreams to make it happen. Meditation is a great way to remind yourself, on your most frustrating or pessimistic day, that you can. It doesn’t matter how far is your dream from you or how impossible it looks you have to let yourself to believe in it. This is what I did.

I still have a few little puffs around me but it’s nothing next to that giant melancholy cloud which followed me the whole week. So thanks to mediation I won again and now I know I have something which helps me through these days.

Support a child somewhere in Africa

I mentioned earlier my High School Reunion. It will be a kid and husband show because most of them  have their own families now. The other day I read an article or something and a little memory popped up in my head. The day when my class decided that we should have supported a child somewhere in Africa.

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Meditation (Week 35) – dentist

When I was just a little kid, I had a quite merciless dentist. Obviously thanks to her, even the idea of visit to the dentist scares the hell out of me. Now, I have a wonderful one who does everything to make the procedure as painless as it possible. She is strict, but she has an assistant whose kindness and loving words are able to make you comfortable even in the worst situation.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for me to get over my previous bad experiences and I am still afraid every time I have to visit her. This week I had to because one of my teeth had a cavity. This time I was prepared with meditation to fight my anxiety. When I was waiting for my jaw to become numb I tried concentrate on my breathing. Of course, I was mostly coughing. When it was my turn I sat into that horrifying chair and started to repeat the next words in my head: inhale-exhale. Just like when I started my meditation. My eyes were closed I didn’t know where I was. Regrettably sometimes I mixed the words and I inhaled and exhaled the wrong time which woke me up from my meditational mood. However, I didn’t let my mind to focus on the uncomfortable situation, which I was in, and as fast as I could I started again: inhale-exhale.

You know what? It worked. I didn’t fidget in the seat. My dentist didn’t have to call her assistant to help her keep me in the chair. My anxiety was there but I fought it and I won thanks to the meditation. It’s good to know that in a frightening or distressing situation I have a way to keep my mind straight. What is your opinion Dear Reader? Do you use meditation in situations like this? Are you afraid from your dentist just like I do?