Meditation (Week 47) – There are no mistakes only lessons

It was a hard week for me. First of all, the weather is still unbearably hot. Secondly, I was stupid enough to workout some cardio in this weather and not supply myself with enough vitamins. So from the middle of this week I had this horrible pain in my right shoulder, luckily after I took some magnesium pills everything got better. All these problems and I couldn’t sleep. Believe me, when I say that I am incredibly exhausted.

I remember a little less than one year ago when I started this meditational journey I faced the same problems. I was tired and couldn’t sleep enough. Honestly, sometimes when I meditated I fell asleep. I felt ashamed that how ridiculous it was. I tried to learn this new thing and I just fell asleep. I didn’t write about it during that time because I wasn’t proud of it. However, I’ve learned something really important since then. It was just part of the journey. It was something I had to learn how to control.

These days I am exhausted as hell, but now when I meditate,I meditate. I don’t fall asleep and I don’t even have to afraid from that. My mind and my body are at the right place, at the right time. I know now, that there was nothing wrong with it.

Dear Reader there are no mistakes in meditation only lessons which teach you how to control your body and your mind.

(Photo by Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash)


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