Meditation (Week 46) – do it alone or with a group?

In my own little environment, group meditation is not an option. Unfortunately, if I mention the word ‘meditation’ people laugh or ask really stupid questions, only a few of them are interested in it.

My question are: Should people meditate alone or in a group? Would it be easier with other people?

There are people who need someone, to join them, to do or try out new things, for example a lot of people need a trainer to start to workout. It can be the same with meditation. It perhaps easier to start it with a group or with a friend. It’s good if you have support group which understands it and helps you. It’s much better when someone has the answers, if you have questions. So yes, there is a type of people who needs a group. I can only recommend meditation, because it can help a lot. so if you are that kind of person and you need a group. Let’s go find one and start to meditate.

The other side of it the people who are introverts, closed and like to do everything alone like me. Personally, I usually do everything alone. I have trust problems and I don’t find it comfortable to close my eyes with a bunch of strangers in the same room. For me, the voice of a person is really important and it does not matter how soothing it could be. If I don’t like the voice of the meditational group’s instructor, there is no chance, I will be able to meditate. These are my own personal problems with it, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try out a meditational group.

If I would have a chance for a few lessons I would happy to do it. Obviously, you need more than one lesson to feel comfortable. I can’t imagine myself to find it better than my own little lonely meditation in my room, but I am sure it wouldn’t be bad and I can learn a lot from those lessons or group.

Mediation is good for your health and for your soul. So the answers are, that firstly, it doesn’t matter if you do it with a group or alone, just do it. Find a way which is comfortable for you and don’t let anyone or anything to stop you, because everyone needs and should have 5 minutes ‘me-time’ a day. Secondly, as I wrote, how it’s easier it depends on your personality. I know I like to do it alone, but you may enjoy group activities and you need one. It’s alright until you do it and enjoy it at the same time.

What about you Dear Reader? Have you every tried to meditate with a group? What are you experiences?

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