Meditation (Week 45) – the dog is back

Earlier I mentioned how I suffered from our neighbor’s dog. It was during spring and I didn’t have my window open, but it’s summer now and the barking dog is back.

In June, he was hardly made any noise early in the morning. Perhaps he didn’t like the weather, but now he is back every damn day. It doesn’t matter, if it’s a weekday or a weekend, he starts to bark for no reason. Honestly, it is still really irritating, especially if I had a hard night and I couldn’t sleep. However, I don’t get angry anymore. First I try to go back to sleep sometimes I can, sometimes I just roll back and forth in the bed. If nothing works my only option is to wake up.

Fortunately, thanks to meditation I am not as angry or frustrated from the lack of sleep, as I was before. I am a little tense but I won’t start a fight with my family. I tell them that, it wasn’t an easy night and I would be happy, if they would respect that I am a little grumpy. They usually do. Meditation really changed my life, because I am able to keep myself calm next to this irritating dog. Thank you meditation, you helped me again and you won again.

Meditation 2 : Dog 0

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