Hot peppers

He was slicing the onion into the bowl. Ratatouille was planned for lunch. It was always his job to cut the ingredients. He finished the onions, tomatoes and reached after the hot pepper. This was the key element which made its taste perfect. He glanced to his right side. He saw his wife who was baking something in the kitchen. He shouted, “Mama come here?”. She wiped of her hands and walked to him. “What is it?”,she asked. “I am not sure about these hot peppers. Why don’t you lick it?”,he asked  with a playful smile. “Come on, you have a tongue, you can lick it.”,she answered sharply but with a kind voice. She was standing next to him her arms rested on her hips. She slowly leaned toward him and said “Show me that pepper ” ,and she took out of it his hand and licked it. “It’s hot really,hot.”,she said with a nodding voice. He took back the hot pepper from her and sliced it into the bowl. Both of them smiled, like two little mischief. They looked at each other one more time playfully liked they just shared a big secret with each other. She kissed him on his cheek and walked back to the kitchen. She was baking. He was cutting the ingredients for the ratatouille. It was their lunch. It was his job.


(Photo by paul morris on Unsplash)

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