Meditation (Week 44) – where is the magic?

The last few days it was hard to meditate. I’ve just wanted to get over it and go on with my day or night. It’s felt so forced.

Perhaps, it happens because we are in the middle of a warm and muggy summer. Or I don’t find it as magical as it was the first time. I guess it bound to happen sooner or later. When it really became a part of your everyday, life it’s not the same anymore. Meditation lost its magic. If you think it through it happens with everything. At one point my workout or my favorite TV shows get boring too. With a workout I usually choose a different one, with a TV show I wait a little bit between episodes.

What should I to with meditation? How could I shake up things a little bit? I am sure there are ways for it, for example I should do it in the morning, but it wouldn’t work with this environment. Should I choose a new meditational pose? I don’t know maybe I just need a friendlier less exhausting weather, but I know that the magic will come back as it does with usually with everything I love. I won’t stop to do it just for change, it would be a horrible idea.

What do you think Dear Reader? What do you use to shake up your meditational habits? Have you ever had the same feelings?

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