Meditation (Week 43) – patience

Patience is a really important thing in life. It’s something that you have to learn and use it well. For some people it’s easier and for some it’s a little bit harder, but it’s always worth it to be patient.

I think that patience is an important part of the foundations of meditation. You practice it every day with it. You use it to do it always a little bit longer and better. However, there is more there, because that little habit becomes the part of your life by meditation. Thanks to that you will be more patient without even recognizing it. Perhaps you won’t be angry when the line will be too long before you at the bank or you won’t lose your temper when someone accidentally bumps into you on the street.

Patience is a key ingredient of meditation and life too. By meditation I was able to develop this helpful skill and now I am not angry or upset when I experience some rudeness or inconvenience in my life. I don’t mind the long lines or the loud noises early in the morning. I just take a deep breath and remind myself :You just have to be patient.

Sometimes everybody needs a little patience.

“…Gotta have more patience, yeah….
…All need some patience …
…Just a little patience is all you need …”


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