Meditation (Week 42) – kids

I read that a school started to use Meditation instead of punishments. When a child misbehaves the teacher sends him in a room where he can calm down and meditate quietly. Another school, which is in bad neighborhood and the kids have to experience or see bad and violent things, started to use mediation too. In this case they asked the help of professions and planned mediation session for the kids in the school. It’s the part of their curriculum now just like math or literature. In both cases, the kids and teachers reported that the changes were well seen in the student’s behavior. First usually they were shy about it, but soon the kids realized how helpful it was.

Article about it is here.

So the question is: Will you teach your kids about meditation?

Personally, I hope that meditation will be part of my life even during that time when I will be a mother. I don’t plan to teach my future kids about it , because I hope they will see it as one of my habit and their curiosity will lead them to ask me. In this case, I will be happy to talk with them about meditation and support them to join me or start their own journey. If they not interested in it I don’t want to force them. I don’t think I will really punish my kids I rather choose to talk through them everything to make them understand why was their act is bad or a mistake. So I won’t use meditation instead of punishment as the school, but an institution which uses mediation would be very tempting to send my future kids there.  Of course, who knows what will happen in the future, but it’s a nice a thought which I enjoy to play with.

Dear Reader what do you think about these schools? What are your plans with meditation? Do you want your own family to join you or you rather keep it to yourself?

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