The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry

When I first read The Giver, which is the first book of the series, I was about twelve years old and I still remember well those upsetting feelings, which I got from the story. Years later, I read the second, The Gathering Blue, and third book, Messenger, too. However, too much time passed to connect the dots. I never even heard about the fourth book, The Son, which ended the story. (It wasn’t translated into my mother language during that time.) Then again I came across the series, this time it was the full quartet, but I shelved it, because it was in English and I was scared to read it. Perhaps, I could miss an important word or I couldn’t get the whole picture, no way. I was rather waiting. When my summer started I thought that it was time to pick up the books and finally finished them. But was it worth it? Was it the right time?

The Giver Series is about four different characters in four different stories. They all connected somehow and all of them here to teach an important lesson.

The first one, The Giver, we get to know Jonas who lives in the perfect utopian world. There are no divorces, wars or deaths but there are no love, fear or grief either. This is where he lives the happy life of an eleven years old child, but when he’s reaching the age of twelve the community will choose for him his job which would be the purpose of his life. He is excited as everyone else, but when the big day comes he gets more than a job, he gets the honor to replace one of the elders who are responsible for the function of the community. This is where the story gets interesting and we will see how Jonas realizes that his world is not as perfect as he believed.

The Gathering Blue about a girl, Kira , who was born with a bad leg and only his grandfather’s power and her mother begging saved her to been left behind alone to die. While Jonas world was perfect utopia this world is dirty and violent. The people are ignorant and selfish, but it’s understandable all of them just want to survive, because here if your are useless, you don’t needed. Years later Kira has to fight for her right to stay in the community again, fortunately she has a gift which makes her more than useful and she can stay with the leaders to serve the community. While she believes that she got lucky and her life which was upside down is right side up now. Soon Kira realizes, that the world is crueler and harsher then she thought.

In the Messenger, we meet Matty, who isn’t unknown for us, after the second book (next to him some other important characters will appear too). Here, Matty leaves in peaceful village where everybody is accepted, but suddenly anger, selfishness and hatred infect the community. Matty goal is to bring his beloved friend’s daughter to live with them, before the once welcoming village builds walls against the strangers. During the story Matty searches for the answer to the question that what would be his goal and by that his real name in this world.

By The Son, which is the last book, we will get to the end of the story by the eyes of two characters. First, we back in time, back with community of Jonas, but we see everything with Claire’s eyes. She is an ordinary girl with questions. We  go with her a long journey to find her memories and with that find the thing which she lost long time ago. The second half of the book, we are back in the village of acceptance to meet the characters from the previous books. Now we see everything by Gabriel perspective, who is just a boy who wants to know more about his past. While he is looking for the answer the community is in danger again because of the unknown evil.

I tried to carefully describe the content of the books, because I think it really worth to read it and I didn’t want to spoiler anything for you. The upsetting feelings were still there when I finished The Giver, but now I was able to follow up with the story. I would say the first book had the biggest influence on me and that is the strongest from the four of them. However, it didn’t make less any of the other ones. The point of the them to teach you about love and acceptance , to show you that there is no perfect world. And the quartet tells it by interesting and touching stories by characters who you love and adore. It’s not easy to read because as I wrote it could be really distressing, but I am happy that I pick up the books again and I am glad that finally I got to know the end. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child I recommend you the quartet, because once in a while everybody needs to be reminded that the world is not perfect, but until there are love and understanding, it’s beautiful.

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