Meditation (Week 40) – calm me down

The past month was really hard and I will share it in another post why. Of course, everything had to end in a huge crying. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t stop my tears. I was exhausted and felt horrible. So I cried and I didn’t find comfort at home because on that day my mother thought that it was her bad day not mine (it wasn’t). When I was with my friends I couldn’t cry because I was at a coffee house and no I am that kind of person who cries in the middle of everything. At the end I was alone at home in my room crying and felt horrible and I wanted to stop it and get myself together so I used my old friend called meditation. In the middle of my tears I started to focus on my breathing and slowly but successfully it helped. It made me calm and still I felt that the world is horrible but at least I was able to stop those stupid tears. Sometimes when no one around to help you, you have to help yourself. This is what meditation for to learn how to concentrate to the right things and find peace deep down in you mind to comfort yourself.

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