Meditation (Week 39) – Talk about it

Mediation is something that I do for myself and honestly this is a one person journey and I’m happy that I can have it. However, once in a while it would be nice to share tips or experiences with someone about it.

My friends are not really into it. I know some of them believe that a nice cup of tea is just as meditational as my solution. They are right it can be. I know few of them are interested in it, but without an instructor’s help they are not able to start it. I tried to explain my methods for them and how they didn’t need help because it’s really their choice. Of course, I understand that they would rather do it with the help of a professional. You know we are all different and it’s alright because this makes the world so beautiful, but it can be lonely too.

So here I am with a blog where I share my thoughts and experiences and without an answer I just hope that it may help someone to start it or try it out. Someone may have questions about it and my posts are helpful for them. Let’s hope the best and go on with our journey.


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