Weight loss

Sometimes Facebook likes to hide little sponsored advertisement on my wall between the posts. Every time this happens I find it strongly irritating. There is only one thing, which is more irritating then the advertisement itself, the content of it. Usually it’s about a magical pill or oil which makes you thin and pretty in a minute.

I was never thin and I really think I will never be. I don’t have that body type. There were times when I was fat. I suffered from obesity which I caused for myself with my lazy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Luckily, I was able to change my life around and live a healthier one. But still these stupid advertisements are driving me crazy. You know why? Because those pills and oils are not the solution.

When I wasn’t satisfied with myself and I wanted to lose some weight I changed my life. First, I started to workout but I don’t do it in a gym. No it’s not my thing. I am happy to do it alone at home. There are tons of fitness and workout programs on the Internet which you can use. I do the kind of workout which I want to do that day. Sometimes it’s yoga, sometimes it’s cardio and there are days when it’s nothing and I skip it. I try to work out three days a week but I won’t feel bad if I only do it twice.

Secondly, I build up my personal eating system. I don’t follow a diet. I eat what I want. If I meet my friends I won’t say no to eat out somewhere or I won’t skip a nice desert just because my look and weight. No way. Why would I live if I can’t eat something tasty and delicious? Why would I watch the calories and sugar content all the time? No, not in this life. My trick is that I try to eat always during the same time like lunch between 1 and 3 o’clock and dinner before 7. I eat whatever I want and I fulfill my cravings, when I have. However, I only eat the amount of food I need and not more. When I don’t eat at home sometimes I choose a fast food chain because once or twice a month it’s okay. In addition, it can be okay once a week, because the essence of it to eat with thinking. Don’t eat more than you need. If you’re still hungry, especially after a nice meal, try to drink some water because sometimes we confuse our thirst with hunger.

Anyway these are just my own little tricks but it made my life so much better. Interestingly by these body fat and mass index calculators I still count as a fat person, but I rather say that I am a healthy one. I don’t believe in these pills and other stuff. If you really want to change your look or life you don’t need that or a gym or a life without all those tasty food. You just have to think and find the workout and eating system which suit for you. Of course, it’s hard but if you really decide it in your head and believe in yourself, it will work.



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