Meditation (Week 38) – hold your breath

Do you remember when I complained that I didn’t know how to stop meditation? Now I have a way. The same book, which nicely explained the right way of breathing for me, recommends to hold your breath for a few seconds and repeat this action.

The book itself advised it as a way to make your lungs stronger. You have to take a deep breath and held it for  five seconds then later it can be minutes. I use it at the end of my meditation. By that I slowly change the rhythm of it and I can nicely come out of it. I take three deep breaths and hold them for five seconds. Sometimes I count but usually I just tell my mantra slowly in my head. After that I open my eyes a few more breaths I say Namaste. This is the end of it.

I never saw it anywhere before that people does it during meditation, but everyone has their on way and this is my choice. Don’t afraid to adapt new, perhaps unknown things, in your own meditation habits. The most important of it that it has to suit for you. Be creative and find your own way.

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