Meditation (Week 37) – side effects

I read this article and it really made me think. This is about the dark side of meditation or, as I called in the title, the side effects of it. Before I read it, I didn’t think that mediation was able to have some sort of uncomfortable effects on my life. But we have to face it, of course it can have. Why? Because there is no thing in the world which wouldn’t have a dark side. Everything has and this is alright.

However, let’s see what are the side effects of meditation. First of all, I would like to mention something which I experienced personally. I have back problems. Because of it, I always meditate on my couch where I can support my back. A few times I tried to meditate on the floor in a lotus position and honestly it hurt like hell. I couldn’t do it because after a few minutes my back was killing me. So I made a decision. I know that meditation is good for me, but I have to do it on my own way if I don’t want to hurt myself.

Let’s see the mental part. The article mentions stuff like feelings of anxiety, insomnia and other problems. I had similar issues before I started to meditate. Even though sometimes my insomnia is stronger than usually. I don’t think that meditation is the reason for it. In addition, I haven’t practiced it long enough to say that I could reach the part where I experienced negative effects.

Luckily, there is something great about the dark side of meditation. As the article called it, these problems are challenges. I couldn’t agree more. I believe that one of the most important part of the mediation the challenge of it. It can be physical to sit tight for minutes or, mental to concentrate strongly to your breathing. There is a dark side to balance it and you don’t have to afraid from it. Like bad and good or yin and yang,  both positive and negative side effects are the part of it. You have to accept it as a  challenge and fight it.

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