Meditation (Week 36) – the cloud of melancholy

I don’t think that happy people exists in this world because melancholy gets everyone once in a while. This week it found me. I tried to avoid it and focus my attention to my friends, but even they were full of negative energies.

What is the solution in this case? I meditated. I used mediation to fight all my sad and heavy feelings. I tried to chase away that strong cloud of melancholy which was around me all week. At first, it didn’t show any sign of my attacks, but at the second half of the week it worked. Every day I sat down and let myself to forget about the problems and only focus on positive things.

You have to believe in your dreams to make it happen. Meditation is a great way to remind yourself, on your most frustrating or pessimistic day, that you can. It doesn’t matter how far is your dream from you or how impossible it looks you have to let yourself to believe in it. This is what I did.

I still have a few little puffs around me but it’s nothing next to that giant melancholy cloud which followed me the whole week. So thanks to mediation I won again and now I know I have something which helps me through these days.

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