Support a child somewhere in Africa

I mentioned earlier my High School Reunion. It will be a kid and husband show because most of them  have their own families now. The other day I read an article or something and a little memory popped up in my head. The day when my class decided that we should have supported a child somewhere in Africa.

Let’s make it clear I think the idea is beautiful and kind. If you have that little plus money and the chance to use it for good I recommend this kind of charity. However, in my case we were talking about a bunch of girls, who weren’t able to pay their monthly class payment, which we used to by gifts for our teachers or pay our class trips.

I don’t remember who brought the idea up but I know that I strongly fought against it. I was the only who loudly expressed that this was a responsibility and not just a stupid game. Of course, my word against the class and our head teacher, I lost the debate. My class started to support a little kid. The first few weeks everybody was excited. We got a picture about him and slowly they brought their parts of the payment. Months later that little kid was nowhere. If I remember well, during next semester our head teacher finally admitted that I was right. Hardly anyone put the money in our great charity idea. I just hope that at the end she was paying for it every month, but I am not sure.

You know we will have this reunion and I am not a mother. I don’t have my own family, but more than once I think about that little fellow who was left behind by a bunch of irresponsible teenager girl. I don’t know if  they think about what we did or remember him. If I would go the reunion or I ever go one of the reunions I would only say: Do you remember him? Do you think about him? Did you regret that you gave hope for child and then took it away because you weren’t able to pay a little money every month? Not because you didn’t have it. Because you didn’t care about it.

To be honest sometimes I’ve felt that I wasn’t better than them. I knew about the little guy but I didn’t ask the head teacher what happened with him. I didn’t offer my help to pay the money monthly after we finished school. I was just an irresponsible child too.  Perhaps, I feel more times guilty than my ex classmates, but at least I can say I didn’t ask for this huge responsibility. It was forced on me. This is no excuse I admit I was just as bad as them. I paid my part but I forget about him just like everyone else.

Little guy if you ever see this: I am sorry that a bunch of immature girl didn’t keep their promise. I’m sorry that I wasn’t better than them. I am really sorry.

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