Meditation (Week 35) – dentist

When I was just a little kid, I had a quite merciless dentist. Obviously thanks to her, even the idea of visit to the dentist scares the hell out of me. Now, I have a wonderful one who does everything to make the procedure as painless as it possible. She is strict, but she has an assistant whose kindness and loving words are able to make you comfortable even in the worst situation.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for me to get over my previous bad experiences and I am still afraid every time I have to visit her. This week I had to because one of my teeth had a cavity. This time I was prepared with meditation to fight my anxiety. When I was waiting for my jaw to become numb I tried concentrate on my breathing. Of course, I was mostly coughing. When it was my turn I sat into that horrifying chair and started to repeat the next words in my head: inhale-exhale. Just like when I started my meditation. My eyes were closed I didn’t know where I was. Regrettably sometimes I mixed the words and I inhaled and exhaled the wrong time which woke me up from my meditational mood. However, I didn’t let my mind to focus on the uncomfortable situation, which I was in, and as fast as I could I started again: inhale-exhale.

You know what? It worked. I didn’t fidget in the seat. My dentist didn’t have to call her assistant to help her keep me in the chair. My anxiety was there but I fought it and I won thanks to the meditation. It’s good to know that in a frightening or distressing situation I have a way to keep my mind straight. What is your opinion Dear Reader? Do you use meditation in situations like this? Are you afraid from your dentist just like I do?

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