Meditation (Week 34) – quality or quantity?

I mentioned earlier how I was increasing the minutes of my meditation. First it was 5 than later 8 minutes. I was really happy when I reached 12 minutes. It wasn’t easy and since then I haven’t been able to go higher. Also in one of my previous posts the topic was the right way of breathing during meditation. The new breathing technique was very useful. It just one minute to another changed the quality of my meditation. However, by that I lost minutes. Because of it I kind of back where I started. I am only able to meditate from 8 to 10 minutes again. Why? Mostly because I feel relaxed sooner and also my inner watch doesn’t work very well sometimes.

The beginning I thought it was bad because I fell back to a lower level, but with time I realized I didn’t. It’s true, the quantity of my meditation is not the same. It’s less than it was before, but the quality of it reached a new level. By that I see I went forward and not backward as I first thought.

I believe that mediation is more than breathing and sitting. It has its own curvy roads that I have to go through. I just reached another turn of the road. To be honest I am little excited because I can’t wait to see what I will find at the next turn. These are a little things that I think makes the mediation an exciting journey. What do you think about it Dear Reader?

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