Do you really want it?

I am not a winner. I am not that kind of person who buys a lottery ticket and immediately wins back ,at least, the price of it. I really tried more than once before. I shared videos on Facebook and wrote comments and stuff like that to win by Facebook giveaways etc.. Nevertheless, I never thought that I could win. However, the end of last August fate turned the tables on me and I won. I really wanted to go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. I tried and tried and I won. I was so happy I cried before the show. I cried after the show I was just incredibly overwhelmed by happiness.

By this winning I’ve learned a really important lesson. I could have started to buy lottery tickets and share and comment on everything which hold out some kind of present or gift, but I made a different decision. I started to ask myself, every time I had a chance to try to win something, that I really needed it and if I was sure about it. You know what? Usually the answer was no. For example last week I saw this Twitter game where I could have won a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD by a fan site. I just had to retweet their tweet and follow them. I immediately thought that this was a great opportunity, because unfortunately I still haven’t owned their latest album. However, moments later I realized that I was not alone, tons of other fans didn’t have it too. I am sure there was more than one who may have not had the money to buy it. Yes I don’t own it now but I know that I can have the money for it in the future. So I passed the idea. I asked myself the mentioned questions and the answer was no again. If there is someone out there who might want this CD as much as I wanted the concert tickets. Let that person have it. Let the person who really wants it be the winner.

Dear Reader think it through and tell me how many times you tried one of these YouTube giveaways or radio games to win something and how many times you really needed that special thing? Not always am I right? So I recommend you that before you try, you just ask yourself these questions. Because there can be someone whose best moment of this year will be that win. Or there is someone out there who needs a sign to go forward and that will be it. I really think you shouldn’t ask for more than you need so please Dear Reader think about it.

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