Meditation (Week 33) – it helps me think

Sometimes when I have a dilemma, it can be big or small, I use meditation to find a solution. Like now, I ‘m building a doll house with my father to my friend’s little daughter. Of course, I planned everything and, of course, nothing worked out. Something always happened. It gave me the idea that today I share with you how the problem solving works with meditation.

First, when I start it, I let the thought into my head but just for moment, because my goal is to fix the problem and not to sit on it. After this point, all kinds of solutions comes to my mind. Some of them ridiculous and some of them may look like a clarification but in reality it just makes everything more complicated. However, if I am patient enough and let these thoughts flow through my mind I always find an answer. In the case of the dollhouse I was afraid, that it only will be a big wooden box but I realized that with some little refinement it might look like a dollhouse that every little girl would be happy to own.

If you use the meditation this way. You really have to be careful because it’s easy to find more and more problems instead of solutions. It happens, if you let the issue to dominate your mind.

Perhaps, it sounds like a mumbo jumbo but I believe in it. Anyhow, I hope Dear Reader that you find this little piece of writing helpful. Don’t afraid to face the problems because how else could you solve them. Have a nice day!

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