High School Reunion

My high school class’s reunion’s going to be in June. It has been 10 years that we went on our own ways. I would be happy, if I could write here, that I can’t wait to see my classmates, but unfortunately, I can’t.

I don’t know, maybe I was the problem, maybe they were the problem. I don’t think I was bullied in high school. I know I was really strongly bullied, hurt and used in elementary school. We just didn’t have the word for it then. However, I was still lucky next to the nowadays generations. The classmates, who bullied me, weren’t stronger or smarter just meaner. They just called me names and hid my stuff. Maybe I was bullied in high school too but not like this. Anyway I was too standoffish at that time to recognize it.

Luckily, in the middle of those years, most of my classmates were so unbearable for my teachers that we couldn’t choose who will sit next to us. It was the head-teacher’s decision and she sat me next to one the most fantastic person in the world. Since that day, she and I are great friends and even, if we haven’t been able to talk only once or twice a year that friendship never expired, not for a minute. She was the person who accepted and loved me for who I am during that time too when I didn’t who I was.

I tried to stay in touch with other people too, but they never answered my emails or years later they refused to recognize me on the street. You know what, it’s their loss. My friend asked me, if I will go to the reunion. I don’t want to. For a long long time I really wanted to meet them again and show them how my life turned out.  Last year, when the question of the reunion came up I realized I didn’t want to go. Not because I still wouldn’t be able to reach my dream life, more like I know now, that I don’t need them. I don’t need them at all. I need her and she is always there and that is the most important part.

I know that they are happy. Most of them get married and had kids and that’s it. (It was an only girls class by the way.) There is no problem with it, but honestly I really need more. I have bigger dreams. Crazier and bigger. After all, even if I reach those dreams, I won’t need them and I won’t go the reunions. Why would I? They never liked me. I was the strange girl and I always will be. This is fine. I like to be the eccentric one.

Dear Reader what is your experience? Do you go to the reunions? Did you like high school? Were you able to let it go and forget the past to concentrate on your own future? I was and I am very happy that I was.


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