Meditation (Week 32) – Breath

One of the most important things, in meditation, is the breathing. How you do it? Slowly or with normal speed? By your mouth or by your nose? Which is the right way?

When I started to meditate I read that you should breath by your nose, but that’s it. I didn’t find more specific information about it, until I talked to my neighbor. He is an old , and in some topics, an incredibly open-minded person. I mentioned him how I work out , do yoga and try to meditate but I still have problems with some parts of it. Luckily, he hurried to help me and he was nice enough to let me borrow this really old book from him, Sport any Yoga by Selvarajan Yesudian. It’s about yoga and not meditation but it teaches you the most important part, how to breath.

I’ve only finished the first three chapters but I couldn’t wait to try it out during my meditation. This book tells you the mistakes we make and also offers the solution. The right way of breathing explanation is comprehensible and precise. The steps are that you start in your stomach and slowly push the air up into your lungs while you inhale to fill them as fully as possible. Then you slowly exhale by your mouth and try to push out all the air from your lungs. You don’t have to do it super slowly but it’s slower then the normal breathing. By this way you not just has air in the upper side of your lung ,but you put from your stomach, the air in the downside of it. Because of that, you are able to use almost your whole lung. If you try it out, you may find it too circumstantial but it really helps. I try to practice it during my meditation. I have to tell you, it’s not easy. You may feel it later in your stomach’s muscles, or you become a little bit dizzy after the first tries, but it’s okay.

I don’t know right now, how it will affect my health, but even after a few try I can say it really affected the quality of my meditation. It’s not a surprise anymore while I had concentration problems during meditation, because with the real deep breathing technique your mind really doesn’t have time to wander away.

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