Meditation (Week 29) – look around

I usually close eyes my during meditation, but nowadays I haven’t been able to meditate this way. Every time I tried, all my crazy ideas and thoughts are appeared in my mind, which originally should have been calm and focused. I didn’t have a better idea so for now I’m doing it with my eyes open.

You have to know that I find my room one of the most calming place in the world. First of all, because I didn’t really see much from the world, and secondly, because I designed it very precisely. The dark purple color on the walls, the hand-made CD and DVD curtain to make it bigger with its reflection. Little hints about a town which I really want to visit one day. Everything is just perfect. That’s why I can’t look at something and keep my eyes on it during the meditation. I constantly look around. However, even though I look, I don’t see because my mind concentrates to the meditation. It’ s a little bit of a feeling that I am there and not there at the same time. It’s really interesting.

So Dear Reader let’s  look around.

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