Meditation (Week 28) – Daylight

I started to meditate during fall and usually I did it after the sun was down. I liked my room cosy dim lights. However, the summer is coming and sun goes down every day a little bit later , so if I want to meditate in my dark room with my lights, I will reach a point when I should do it after 9 o’clock.

First of all, I don’t want to meditate that late, if it’s not necessary , because around that time I am sure someone will disturb me. Secondly, I shouldn’t cling to my meditation habits so deeply. The most important part of meditation that I do it and not the circumstances. So I look at it as a challenge and I decided that I won’t mind the daylight.

I’ve already done it like that the whole week. Honestly, I thought it will be hard but on the contrary I didn’t find it as irritating as I thought it could be. Sometimes I felt it more relaxing. The rays of the sun aren’t so strong now, I may have different opinion during the summer. Obviously when the fall and winter comes I will be with my lovely lights again. Maybe I will miss the daylight then, but now I really don’t miss the darkness especially when you can feel the first warm touch of the Spring time.

There is another important thing here. I really shouldn’t afraid. If I can why wouldn’t I experiment with meditation? This can be the way to find the perfect meditational habits, which are the most suitable for me, and I may reach the different new levels more easily.


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