Meditation (Week 27) – Mantra

Definition of mantra:
1.(Especially in Hinduism and Buddhism)a word or sound that is believed to have a special spiritual power : A personal mantra is sometimes repeated as an aid to meditation or prayer.
2.A word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a particular strong belief: The British fans chanted that familiar football mantra: “Here we go, here we go, here we go…”
I think for me , mantra is mix of these two definitions. It’s not a simple word or sound I use three sentences which are more like goals and dreams. The first one is close and reachable. The second one is possible but incredibly far from me right now and I have to work really hard to reach it. The third and last one has a chance , but my hard work is not enough and I need some luck and deep belief that it can happen.
At first I didn’t use it with my meditation. I just wrote it down , every morning and every night , on a little piece of paper.I folded it to be teeny tiny and put it into a little jar on my desk. However , one time I finished my meditation with my soothing sentences and I kept this habit. Later while I was still fighting my mind to stop wandering away during my meditation (honestly this is the hardest part) I started to repeat them in the middle of it. I found it helpful.
It’s important , I don’t do it during the whole meditation. When my mind goes astray I repeat the lines a few times and it’s back on track again.
Maybe mine is not the perfect interpretation of the meaning and the using of a mantra , but hey if it’s good for me , this is what really matter.
Dear Reader do you have your own mantra? Do you use your dreams and goals too?
(Sorry I put space between the paragraphs and I see them in the writing section but not in the published one. I know it’s not good to look at. I try to figure out why wordpress is arguing with me  it wouldn’t be our first misunderstanding. Sorry again.)

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