It’s never over but it’s okay

One thing which is still hard , but I find helpful , to talk about my depression.I don’t mean  that I don’t know any other topics but when I meet an old friend or someone talks about it I don’t afraid to mention it anymore.Usually one point the other party asks “Are you still depressed?”and I say “No  I am fine”. However there is always this annoying follow up question which is “Then it’s over?”.

Let’s make something clear as by my experience I can say it’s not a thing which will ever be over.

It’s just as the same as an addiction there is always a temptation that you have to fight just like alcohol or drug addicts do.If I would be in situation for example move to a new place without friends and family and I would be alone all the time the gloomy feelings of depression like a black cloud sooner or later would appear above me.As I always it would be hard to fight it.But you don’t need an enormous change just a sad or a bad moment is enough to trigger it.The only question is I am fight it or I let the depression win.It’s not easy to fight and I am deeply afraid that one day I won’t be able to do it,at least not alone like I did before.I wish I could say it’s not there anymore but it always will be.

So Dear Reader please be careful with your words and know that there is not such thing as over with depression.However, you can always help your friend or family member to make them feel better in case they suffer from depression.A little kindness or a smile just as good as a nice talk.Just be there when they need you and comfort them.

If you are the one who suffers from depression or suffered from it and you see the clouds again.Don’t afraid to ask some help.Don’t afraid to tell your family and friends that you need them.They may not understand your problems,just like my family and friends never realized how deep and hard was my depression,however they are there and that is the most important thing.Sometimes you have to fight it alone then I recommend you to try to find a  little happiness every day.You don’t need anything huge just little friendly thing is enough such as  the cashier was nice to me today or I reached the earlier bus and stuff like that.Believe me I know what I talk about and it can help if you want it to help you. Everything is decided in your head and once the deal was made in it you can reach anything you want in your life.

It’s not over it will never be but it’s okay.

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