Meditation (Week 26) – Hungry

Before I started my interesting journey with the meditation I tried to read about it as much as I could.I found some rules which were really important to be good at meditation.Today I write about one of them which is “Eat before meditation”.

This rule is really easy and incredibly important.When you are meditating you have to concentrate to your breathing or good thoughts and stuff like that depends on what are your meditational habits.You can’t do it if you are hungry because in this case you will have one thing on your mind.FOOD!

I could write about this earlier but I didn’t want to without any experiences.However, the second half of the week I fasted. During my period I have these huge cravings and I won’t stop myself to eat if I desire something really badly.However, the end of my period week , when the cravings are far away and I careful what I eat.In addition it doesn’t hurt if you look after your eating habits sometimes.It doesn’t mean I don’t eat I just rather choose to eat at the late afternoon a mix of nuts instead of a well packed sandwich.

Because of it I was a little bit hungry during my meditation and I can say that rule is really understandable.Now I am able to meditate about 12 minutes but with the feeling of hunger I was happy if I could concentrate for 8 minutes.If you can call it concentration because my mind was wondering away to think about food and plan what I should eat for lunch the next day.So now I know how important to be sure that you are not hungry before you start to meditate.If you are beginner remember this rule if you are a pro you know what I’m talking about.

(Another rule to got to the toilet because if you have to pee you can’t meditate either but I won’t experimenting with this so I rather just mention it as a side note for you Dear Reader.)


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