Meditation (Week 25) – how my actual mood influences my mediation

I can be a really emotional person , it’s not like I cry all the time , but sometimes even little things are able to have an influence on me.

As I found when I am upset or incredibly cheerful meditation is a real struggle.My mind is not capable to focus on anything.With the case of anger I usually hooked up with the stuff that made me feel this way and until I talk it out or solve it I can’t meditate normally. However, when I am just so happy that I want to shout out to the world it doesn’t matter what I do until the feelings will diminish a little bit, I can’t pay attention.

On the other hand sadness and loneliness are really helpful.Those feelings help me to concentrate to myself.In this case I like to spend time in my head and find peace in my soul.The gloomy feelings won’t go away immediately after the meditation but it will be easier for me live with them for a while.In addition , meditation always makes me feel better.

I guess it will be one of the next levels when these feelings won’t get in my way and disturb my meditation.Or maybe the meditation will help me to be less emotional?I really don’t know but I can’t wait to see how it will change in the future.


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