Meditation (Week 24) – sum up what I learned

When I started it I didn’t believe that I will be here and I will reach anything by meditation, but that little guy just tricked me.Now I am a huge fan of meditation and I can’t imagine my days without it.Let’s see why we became great bodies during this 24 weeks.

I don’t even know where to start.Firstly my life is so much more relaxed , I am still overthinking everything , but now I am able to stop myself at one point and see that it’s really unnecessary. My friends and family also feel it.They like to compliment me how much they like the new J.Of course they liked the old one too but they see that I feel better and they are really happy for me.

I am still not the most extroverted person in the world but I learned to open up and talk about things which disturb me.It’s still not easy but you know baby steps.

I can be still anxious it will never go away but now I am the person who leads her own mind instead of those pesky little feelings of nervousness.When I have to face something difficult and challenging I can do it with a cold head.In addition now I try to challenge myself every day a little bit to make myself a stronger,smarter and kinder person in this world.

I don’t say that my soul is always in peace but at least it tries to find the way to it. Fortunately while my soul in the right place I am able to avoid to become depressed.I don’t feel anymore that the whole world is against me and I am okay with myself.

I believe that by meditation I do my best and these are not just words anymore.I really do it and I love it and embrace it.Thank you meditation you made me and my life better..

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