Book:Me Before You & After You by Jojo Moyes

Sorry I know that this month’s posts are mostly books but I read a lot and I wanted to share my opinion about some of them.

In this case I saw the movie and I kinda liked it.Later my friend persuaded me to read the books too.Let’s see my feelings about it.There will be spoilers about the story!!!!

In Me Before You we get know Louisa Clark and her life when she becomes a caretaker of a paralyzed man called Will Trainer.In After You we follow up with Louisa’s life after the happenings of the first book.

I really liked the first one because most of the characters were likeable.Even at the end I was able to like a little bit Lou , and her sister Treena , during the book they could be incredibly irritating but it wasn’t that disturbing because I loved everyone else.Will sarcasm and reasoning was one my favorite things and I really don’t know what was the point of Patrick, Lou’s boyfriend.To sum up this story was a nice experience and an interesting way to make the reader think about topics such as paralyzed people or euthanasia.

In the second book after Will died we met the deeply depressed Lou who stuck in a life which Will asked her to avoid.(Depression might be more understandable if the story doesn’t jump more than year in time.)However, it started to change after an accident and because of some new people in her life.

In Me Before You the characters changed before my eyes and I laughed because of their witty humor or worried that Lou will be able to save Will or not.With all these mixed but great feelings we got a beautiful story and it was left to our imagination what happened with Lou.

I imagined great things for her ,unfortunately the writer didn’t.Not just because Lou went back to be a miserable and annoying girl ,who she had been before she met Will, or because she just gave up to have a nice life without even trying.The whole book was a collections of bad decisions.First Lou accident ,which was necessary , so she could meet Sam, a boyfriend in the future.Even at the end of the book I didn’t know anything more about their relationship only that they were shagging.We met Lilly ,who was just as wretched as Lou.She acted like a spoiled little brat and nobody was able to tell her that the world didn’t revolve around her.The writer even ruined Lou’s mother who became a feminist ,I don’t have a problem with feminism but in this case it was unnecessary and disappointing.At least the book had a happy end but it was a real struggle to read.

Jojo Moyes wrote After You because the fans asked her what happened with Lou. She should had left it to our imagination because her ideas were awful.The whole book had the feeling that she had to write something but she was out of ideas so Moyes just put all the cheap cliches from the soap-operas into it.

I loved the first book and I deeply regretted that I read the second one.I will never like Louisa Clark because of it.You may have a different opinion , but for me from now on , only the first book exists and I still rather watch the movie again then read the book.

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