Meditation (week 23) – weightlessness

I think I’m getting better in meditation or at least I feel like that.One of the new things , which I experience,is the feeling of weightlessness.

When I reach the point that my whole mind is focused on my breathing I start to feel it.To be honest it is incredibly delightful and comfortable.My mind knows that I have hands and legs that I have a body but there is no weight which would prove it.It’s not like when your limbs grow numb.In that moment I am not in my room,I don’t sit on my couch.All of these things are far from me and I am deep down in my mind.The feeling of weightlessness is really special I think because it’s not just you body it’s your soul and mind too.You feel that all burdens have fallen off your shoulders just for few minutes.

Unfortunately you have to come back to the real word but after every meditation I feel more and more relaxed.

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