3 word experiment

I think if I want to be a better person and develop myself I should know how people see me.So I thought I am experiencing a little bit and ask my friends to describe me with 3 words.I found the results interesting and heart-warming.

There were 3 qualities which came back again and again.All of my friends at least chose one of them when they described me.These were: strong,smart or funny.

All the other words were different and only one of them chose one which was as much a positive thing as much as a negative.She wrote that I tend to overthink every little thing. She was right.One of them refused to answer because she said she couldn’t do it in 3 words she needed more than that.

Two of them ,after they told me their answers, gave me little explanations why they chose them or what else they saw in me.I think it was really nice from them and I appreciated it.

What I learned from this experiment that how differently my friends see me. I have to realize that I show them just a little bit of myself.I believe that my personality is diverse and all of them know only one side of me for example my ex-classmates who worked with me on projects called me smart while few of my close friends who I always surprise with interesting questions called me curious.

They all love me and accept me for who I am.So the moral of the story that I have to be a little bit more open.I don’t have to be with the whole world but at least with my friends because they won’t judge or leave me.

Dear Reader if you liked the idea I recommend you to try it out.It will teach you something about yourself and about your friends too.

Here are all the words that they used to describe me – by sharing this here I will always have a reminder how great they are and what are my good qualities -so let’s see them: droll , overthink ,single-minded , interesting , innovative , cool , little bit eccentric, larrikin but in a good way , reliable , outspoken , strong , understanding , radiant , helpful , curious , pensive ,freedom , fantasy , order , smart , frolicsome, happiness, friendship, tenacity , selfless, perfectionist, open-minded , emotional, intelligent , artist , colorful , loyal ,  provider and a resemblance of a rainbow.

I am really grateful and I want to thank all the awesome people who helped me in this little project.

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