Meditation (Week 22) – the neighbor’s dog

This post should be my experiences from week 22 but thanks to WordPress the written part disappeared so what you read here is a rewritten version from week 45. I am not too happy about it and I’m sorry that it happened.Not the first time but I really hope this was the last one.

The opposite side of the street I have a neighbor who has a dog. He taught him to bark to everything and I mean everything, Sometimes the dog barks into the big nothing. In addition, he has done it for hours and of course the dog likes to choose the early hours like 6 a.m. on every day. The best part when he starts it 5 a.m. on a nice Saturday or Sunday morning.

I am a bad sleeper. I can’t sleep too deep and I have crazy dreams or nightmares, I wake up for every little noises. Before meditation there were days when I was crying because I was so tired and the dog had been barking for 3 hours from 5 a.m.. More than once I had to wake up early and I couldn’t wait to have a little nap, just a 20  minutes, at the afternoon and of course the dog didn’t let me to have it. Those days were horrible. You may think why it does not bother anyone else and why we don’t do something together against the dog. The owner’s luck that he doesn’t have any neighbor close, only we from the opposite side of a narrow street. We don’t have a good relationship with this man but even if we had he was the one who taught this behavior for the dog. It’s not his first one and I am sure not the last one and all of them acted like this.

But go back to main part of my story what it has to do with meditation. As I wrote I couldn’t sleep I was exhausted but thanks to meditation I do not let it anymore to disturb me. I am really proud of myself that now I am able to turn to my other side in the bed and try to sleep like nothing happened. Of course, I still sleep with a close window and I don’t know what will happen during summer when it will be open but not it’s working and mediation helped. Meditation won.

Meditation 1 : Dog 0


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