Book:Just Kids by Patti Smith

I read here and there that this book is awesome and I knew that Patti Smith is an excellent musician but I didn’t know that she is more than that until I read her book.

The story is about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe.He died in 1989 and Patti wrote this book as memory of their lifelong friendship.It’s a journey of two wonderful artists and how they support each other to develop their skills and find their true selves.

The story is really touching.Of course we get to know more about Smith’s life but the things which were determinative in Robert’s life and in his art are also mentioned. The beginning we get to know more information about the life of Patti but after she met Robert it focuses on their relationship even when they are apart it’s mostly about hot much she misses him and how often she thinks about him,but it’s alright because this is the story of the book.It’s not the kind of book where you can learn all the  dirty little secrets why would it be.Patti Smith is an artist and you can feel it in the book.The words show that the writer is a well read person who knows how to use them.

Only one thing I didn’t like sometimes I had to reread paragraphs because there were a tons of information in it and  it was a little bit bothering but it didn’t spoil the book.

When I read it I couldn’t envy what they had.I don’t think that everybody in the world as lucky as they were and meet the person who as much as is able to understand them as they could each other.The book is excellent and really worth it to read it.I recommend it to anyone who wants to read about the beautiful friendship of these two excellent artists and human beings.



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