Meditation (Week 20-21)-whistle

(Damn it!I just realized that because of some glitch I had wrote this post but everything lost after I shared it so let’s start again from beginning.Fortunately it wasn’t a long post and I remember it approximately literally.)

I always thought that one day I had to skip my meditation and I will do it because I will have such a joyful and happy day that I won’t have time to do it,but it will worth it. Last week that day happened but not how I hoped.I got the flu and I was sick as a dog.I couldn’t meditate.I couldn’t do anything I just lied under a mix of warm blankets and quilts with a runny nose.I let myself relax for a few days and when I felt better I thought I gave it a try.It was like Darth Vader was in the room.Maybe he was with me but the power wasn’t so I let myself relax a little bit more.Luckily the dark Jedi left the room when I tried again but a whistle concert replaced him.I tried really hard to focus on my breathing but I just couldn’t not hear how my nose was whistling.I hope next week will be better until then I should learn some melodies to whistle.

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