Book: The tiger’s wife by Téa Obreht

It was a Christmas/birthday present from my friends. They give me books every year. So my first thing, after exam time, to catch up with them. The previous ones were excellent choices. In addition, I read great magazine reviews about the young and talented writer, called Téa Obreht, and her fascinating story. Because of it, my expectations were quite high.

The story is about a young girl Natalia, who after she lost her grandfather, goes on a journey to learn about him and his past. It sounded like a catchy story, and to be honest I was really curious about it.

The book is a nice adventure  where we can learn about the characters by mystic tales. I really like this concept. However, we cannot be sure, that these descriptions are real and not just myths after all. Unfortunately, we only get to know well the supporting character’s life and it’s sometimes too much. While the writer only gives hints about the stories of the main characters, as for me I find it annoying.

Téa Obreht is fantastic, if we talk about the details. For example, how she describes the scenes it’s really incredible, but I really don’t mind, if a writer leaves a few things to my imagination. Beside that, because of the details of the environment, sometimes the plot gets lost in it. More than once I had to reread the sentences to catch the main point.

I really wanted to finish so I can find out the end of the tales and its magical characters. Who were they? Were they real? Will Natalia get her answers? I don’t say that the answers weren’t there, but I am sure I didn’t find them and it made me disappointed.

If I sat down with it  to read about the question of death , which was an important recurring topic ,I may have enjoyed it more, but I didn’t. As my personal opinion, as a gift I read it once and it was just enough. If I buy it for myself, because of the content, after I read it, I would sell it happily someone else who may enjoy it more than me.

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