Inauguration,Trump as a president,Women’s March….

I saved more than one post that I want to share here but after all the things that happened in the past few days I feel I have to write about it because I am angry,frustrated and scared.

First of all the Inauguration was a joke because that man is nothing more than a huge joke. I mean that dead squirrel on his head would be a better president than him.Can you imagine how desperate he and his people were if they had to lie about the crowd.This is my favorite when someone is so stupid when they have to choose between the bad and worse answers they just say,” don’t worry I know the worst one”. They could have said that the weather was cold and rainy because of it people stay at home.Or they could have said that Trump voters were the working class who didn’t have time and money to go the Inauguration.Both of these reasons are bullshit too but still better then their answer which was that they tried to protect the grass and by the way everybody in the media were blind that day this was the reason why they couldn’t see the crowd.When I read these incredibly smart answers I had to pinch myself because I thought I was in one of my crazy dreams.No I wasn’t.This is real life and I hope that the dead squirrel sooner or later starts to whisper the right things into Donald Trump’s ears.

About him as a president.Trump’s only been president for a few days and he’s already abolished the global warming because he immediately recognized what was the solution.Why the previous president didn’t think about it.We just have to deny it.It’s not there if we deny it.I am sure few months and the world will be flat again.Next step kill Obamacare.I am sure that Trump biggest problem with it its name because he wants to wipe out every little trace of a black president especially if it has to anything with the name of that president.

I can see this wonderful man with his to do list in the white house.It must be looks like this:

1.Deny global warming (check)

2.Executive order against Barack Obama Obamacare(check)

3.Grab Melania by her pussy.

And he made other “friendly” decisions too but if I list them all nobody will read through this post.

Lastly I have to mention the Women’s March.It’s just ridiculous,distressing and  outrageous that in 2017 people still have to fight for things like women’s right or human’s rights.How is that even possible? It’s not the middle age anymore.However, it was flabbergastingly beautiful to see that because of a good cause mothers and daughters,fathers and sons,people from every kind of race,religion,gender are able to fight together.(You can find some beautiful pictures about it here here and here .)

At the end I am angry and frustrated because I believe that there is good in everybody and there is a chance for everyone to learn to accept and respect other people then I read and hear about Donald Trump and his buddies and I can’t believe that people like them are still existing in our enlightened world.I am scared because you need only one stupid,angry and egoist leader with small hands in a determinative country and whole world is fucked up and I don’t want to live in it.I want live in the other great one which we haven’t had before Trump but at least we were on the way to reach it. Thanks to smart people like Michelle and Barack Obama.

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