I might understand why Atticus Finch changed

I think you may know the book called To kill a Mockingbird by Lee Harper.I love this book.Few years ago Harper Lee released her second book which was called Go set a watchman.I haven’t had a chance to read it but I read more than one article and comment about the reader’s disappointment because of Atticus Finch.This man who was sort of a hero ,at least in the eyes of his kids,in the first book.He becomes a racist old man in the second one which story is about the grown-up Scout an her visit to her old beloved home.I read that people were angry and sad because they couldn’t imagine that Atticus became the opposite of himself(and by my readings I found out that some people believe that he was racist the whole time and it shouldn’t have been a surprise).So why I may understand his behavior?

My parents are 60 years old and I always believed that they are open-minded and accept anyone because they don’t judge by the cover.During the last few years while I slowly started to become an adult.I had to realize that they started to changed just like Atticus.More than once they use words which aren’t racist but aren’t ethical either.Their world is smaller day by day and because of it their opinions don’t built on trustworthy information every time.

Why would they change?Why did Atticus change?How is that possible?

I started to look for the reasons.

First of all the technology constantly evolves and they can’t keep up with it.My mother tries to use the computer and the Internet but she can’t handle the TV and the smartphone.My father refuses to learn to use the computer but at least he learned how to use the TV but he is likewise the enemy of the smartphone.It’s understandable because their childhood or their twenties and thirties weren’t about the technology.I mean we had a nice life before the Internet or cellphones or Facebook.In addition it’s not easy to learn to use these things.Even I need time to learn all the stuff what these new gizmos are capable.If it’s not easy for me think about how hard it can be for them.

Secondly we live in a small town and my parents friends let’s say not the most educated or curious people in the world.It’s not their fault.It’s a different older generation.They were raised by strict rules and their life wasn’t about their dreams it was more like about to start to work and have a family.I was always surprised that my parents were so different next to their friends with the same age.Unfortunately,these illiberal people ,after all, had an influence on them.Sometimes they have a garden party or something like that and the next day my parents see the future and the world a little bit gloomier and not as positive as before.Of course they are not young anymore but it doesn’t mean that they should afraid from everything as their friends.

Thirdly and lastly,in my country the news is like a brainwash.One channel says that everything is great while the other one says everything is terrible.There are lies and tons of fake news everywhere.Luckily my parents strongly supported me and my bother to learn a second language(by the way they never had a chance to do it)and they asked us to learn English.It was an excellent advice.Thanks to that our world is wonderful and huge and we don’t have to believe everything we’ve seen on the TV because we can look after it and not just in our mother language.However,my parents are not able to do it.Me and my brother work very hard to keep their world as big and wonderful as possible.I mean they taught us to be brave,curious,smart,kind and helpful and judgment-free.We can’t let them to change into the opposite of them because they are just one the most incredible and beautiful human beings.

As you can see I have an idea what could happen with Atticus Finch.He lived in the same small town next to people who didn’t change but they were able to have an influence on  him.I don’t know maybe the news was brainwashing too.To be honest when I read that he may have been racist the whole time I stopped for a minute to think it through.My parents were too?I don’t think so or at least I hope.Honestly I am afraid to leave them behind and come back to meet two different people who are bitter and negative and scared from everything.I hope I can keep their minds young and smart.I don’t know maybe if I read the book I find out that Scout has the same problems and some solution.I just hope that my parents never forget who they are.

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