The Girl in the Wind

The streets were empty. The weather was nice, but the strong wind made it cold. Once again the girl refused her friend’s offer to take her home by her car. She felt that the day was splendid and perfect to have a nice walk. Only a few car passed by her. She wasn’t cold. She was cautious and wore her clothes layered. Thanked to that, she didn’t need a huge furry coat with a big hoodie which would have narrowed the field of the view. Her bomber jacket and big scarf kept her warm on her way. She had a beanie too, which hardly could keep her unruly curls under itself. The girl constantly tried to brush her hair out of sight. She was listening Radiohead. Somehow the band’s melodies were in balance with the rhythm of the wind.Who would have thought this music was excellent choice for the day and its weather? She was alone on the street even the sun hid behind some hazy clouds. This time she didn’t dance, but there was a waggish smile on her face. You couldn’t see that smile because of her scarf, but she was betrayed by her eyes. The impishness gleamed in them. Only she knew why. She was the girl in the wind.

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