Meditation (Week 16)-Phases

During my meditation I go over 3 phases which I would like to share with you today.

The first one when I am in a comfortable lotus position on my sofa.I have problems with my back so I support myself with it.I start my meditation with eyes open and I focus on my breathing and when I feel that my body becomes more and more relaxed I close my eyes.

The second phase when I try to reach a deep meditation.This is the hard part where my mind usually wonders away.Sometimes I use music but it doesn’t work every time.It depends on my mood.My main focus point is my breathing but when I feel comfortable enough ,and my mind is at the right place,I like to concentrate to other things like my heartbeat or my body which feels weightless.This is the best part if I do it right.

The third phase is the wake up part.I slowly start to do some stretching moves meanwhile I still focus on my breathing.I don’t open my eyes immediately .I try to open it a little bit and close it again until I feel that I am ready to finish my meditation.After that I take a deep breath and I am back again in the real world.

It feels like like I get rid of all the weights from my shoulders and if I was angry or frustrated before my meditation I left those negative feelings behind.I don’t know how I could live without it.I really recommend to everyone to give it a try.Have a nice day Dear Reader!

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