Dancing in the cold

Yesterday afternoon I had to help out a friend and after that we had a nice cup of tea so it was dark outside when I got going.My friend told me she took me home by her car but I said no because I didn’t mind a little time alone.

The Christmas lights still radiated the festive atmosphere.It was a little bit cold ,but it’s winter time so I was happy to feel a little chill on my nose.I was listening music by my earphones and I really enjoyed the beat.I usually walk with the rhythm of the song I’m listening.However,this time the streets was empty and I let myself to enjoy my route home a little bit more.I jumped up and downed and I danced myself to home.I am sure if someone saw me ,she thought that I was insane but why I would walk home when I can dance.It was so much fun and I just felt grea.My mother asked me “why are you so happy?”. I told her “I just danced the whole way to home”.”Why did you do  it?”-she asked.”Why not?”- I answered.She smiled back at me”it’s good you did”.

I don’t say that do it in the crowd but next time you walk home and you are alone.Don’t afraid to dance yourself home because believe me you will feel great after that.


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