Meditation (Week 15)-it’s part of my life now

Happy New Year Dear Reader!

Day by day ,week by week meditation became the part of my life.I learned new stuff in 2016 but I think my favorite was the meditation.I’m still learning it because I think meditation is something that your are able to develop but never know enough about it to say I can stop now because I know everything.

In the last 15 weeks I became more patient and relaxed.I would say I am on stage  1 right now which means Establishing Practice.I can’t wait to see what will be my new experiences and how it will influence me to be a better me.I hope at the end of  2017 I will be able to say that I am on stage two which means Interrupted Attention and Overcoming Mind-Wandering until then I will share my journey with meditation here every week.

Have a wonderful new year Dear Reader and I hope all your dreams,goals and hopes come true.

(To describe the stages I used this site.)

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