Meditation (Week 14)-Christmas meditation

When someone talks about meditation people can think of a lot of things and they are all correct.Meditation is more than a lotus sitting position and focused breathing.There are other stuff which are meditational for example a nice cup of tea or a walk in the nature.

For me there is one thing ,which always has been incredible relaxing, to decorate the Christmas tree.In my case trees because I decorate a tree for my grandmother and for ourselves.Those quiet moments when I am alone with the tree(okay my grandmother is there too but she is just watching and I usually forget about her appearance)and I know where to put every little tinsel and ornament,those are beautiful.I shut out the world and I only let the Christmassy music and movie’s voices and sounds to steal my attention for a few minutes.Unfortunately,this kind of lovely meditation is practiced only once a year by me because we don’t celebrate Christmas every day, but every time I see the tree during the holidays I can feel that peaceful feeling which is with me when I decorate it.

Merry Christmas My Dear Reader!

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