Meditation (Week 13)-Music

Nowadays everything is so loud around me and it makes it hard to write here or meditate.I have more than one drafts here that I couldn’t finish or I want to rethink and rewrite here and there,but this is a thing that I can push for later but not my meditation.Fortunately,I found this site which gives you more than one option to relax with music.I am a kind of person who needs a background noise all the time.When I cook or tidy up I turn on the radio or TV or I just choose some songs that I can listen during my every day things.Even though I read how great and useful is the meditational music because of my background noise habit I thought meditation is my time for quiet.However, sometimes there is no way to find it anywhere so I decided I give it a try and I use music.I was surprised that it worked out quite well.It helps me to do it longer because it shouts out all the annoying noises and I am able to do it longer than 10minutes because I lost my sense of time too.I think if I have a chance I would do my meditation like before in a quiet room but right now I have to say this site and its music are really helpful and I am just happy that I found it so nothing is able to stop me to meditate every day.

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