Meditation (Week 9)-my ten peaceful minutes

Everybody knows at home if I meditate then nobody can disturb me.These days or more like weeks were really busy and upset.I haven’t had time to wash my hair or sit down to study because I have to be alert 24/7 to help my father if he needs anything(in case you didn’t read earlier in one of my posts my father had an accident ,if you read it earlier sorry that I write about it in every post but I’m still really upset because of it). However,every afternoon I have ten peaceful minutes in my brother’s room.Nobody says a word if they see me walk in that room they know  it’s my time.This week America celebrated Thanksgiving.It’s not a holiday here but I would like to write here why I am thankful.I thankful because my father is alive and because we are a strange and sometimes really irritating but happy family after all.I am thankful because of my loving and caring friends who write and call me to know that me and my family are alright.I am thankful because I have ten peaceful minutes every day.

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