Sent some flowers someone you love

My mother celebrated her 60th birthday on Tuesday.Last weekend we gave her some small present and wished her a happy birthday.Obviously we weren’t in the mood for a big party(it was the plan but sometimes plans change). However,I still thought we should make it special so I made a plan.

One of my friends ,who is my mother’s friend and co-worker too,always gets bouquets from her boyfriend.He sends the flowers by florists to surprise her.It gave me the idea that my mother never experienced it that someone sends a bouquet for her.I asked this friend to help me so she bought a nice and small bouquet and wrote a card.She put it onto my mother’s table at her workplace.She had to go out when she came back this surprise was there.Firstly she didn’t understand it but when she realized what just happened she was incredibly happy.She called and asked me how we did it and she really fought with her tears.

I had only one question for her that she had a special experience and feeling which she never had before.The answer was yes.When I told my father how happy my mother was I saw a smile on his face.It was the same smile he has on the pictures from their wedding day.I was really happy that I made not just my mother’s but my father’s day special too.

Dear Reader if you know someone who has a bad day or has to go through some hard stuff  be kind and send him or her a nice bouquet.I am sure you will make this person really happy and it’s worth it.

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