Meditation (Week 8)-where is my enlightenment?

I’ve been doing it for 2 months.It’s really hard to believe.First of all I am proud of myself because I didn’t give up and I still find the time every day to do it and secondly because now I really believe in it.

To be honest I always thought that meditation means that I’ll have some sort of enlightenment,I even read about it how people experiences it,but I couldn’t say that during my meditation I feel anything special.When I was thinking about my spiritual enlightenment I always imagined it like in a cartoon when a light bulb is lighting up above the head when a great idea just pop out of the character’s brain.I know this is childish but I think if you meditate one point you will think about it and you have to imagine it somehow and this was my way to paint a picture about it in my head.I still don’t have the light bulb but I think I’ve already started to experience some kind of spiritualism.For example I am going to a rough patch now and I am sure that I wasn’t able to do it if meditation is not part of my life.It’s not the enlightenment which I was waiting for but I couldn’t be happier that I am not that insane person who I was before during hard times.I think more people should meditate.

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