Why I’m afraid of Donald Trump’s America

I always looked up to America. I am not naive I know that it has its own problems that there are people without work. There are people without homes. There are murders and accidents. Most of my friends think that a life is there easier, but I know it’s not true. Every countries have problems. Everybody has problems. Life is not that easy.

However, as I said I always looked up to the great people of America and I tell you why. Because they know how to join forces for a good cause. Because you can be gay and at the same time you can marry your love of your life. Because you have a chance even if you are disabled. Because you have a chance even if you are a colored person. You have a chance. I know that the stuff I mentioned aren’t true every little parts of America but next to my country the people their more open-minded than here. I always liked it, because this is one of the things that you need to live in peace. You need to accept other people see more than a religion, sexuality or color.

I know the feeling when people around you are racists and anti-Semitics. Honestly, it’s frightening and you have to think twice what you say in public or even to your friends. Your life becomes smaller and lonelier by these people. So when Trump became the next president of the united states I was sad and scared. Even if he will be a good president. Even if he makes America great again it will worth nothing, because with all the hate speeches, he started something horrible and destroying. I always thought a political leader only needs one bad decision to ruin a country, an economy, a nation and then even a whole century isn’t enough to correct that one bad decision. Trump wasn’t even an elected president and he made that one bad move.

I just hope that the good wins over the devil and the America that I like because of its open-mind won’t die and it will be better and stronger even next to a president like Trump. Please America I want look up to you.

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