Meditation (Week 7)-without my oasis

It was a really hard week for me because of my father’s accident.More than once in this whole craziness I felt that I’ve needed to sit down and meditate for a few minutes.Unfortunately,I couldn’t do it,because I had to handle the situation and this was only the story of my Monday.

When we finally got the good news that his injuries were serious,but he will be alright.I immediately went to my room which is my oasis since my father renovated and made it perfect for me.(My deep dark purple room with dim lighting.Thank you Dad.)I have been crying for days so mediation was a great relief.Luckily my father came home on Thursday but he has to stay in bed.My room is next to my parents bedroom and they only spend the nights there so I am usually alone in peace.However, with my father in their bedroom I lost my oasis.He watches the TV very loud and he has still some pain so sometimes I hear him suffer from it.It’s not a situation where I can say be quite because I need it.

My brother has his own room and my mother has the living room, but I don’t really have a comfy place to hide and practice meditation even though I really need it.I tried the kitchen the bathroom ,but nothing worked.Yesterday my brother was in the living room and I borrowed his room.Finally I had a chance to meditate.It wasn’t my oasis and I don’t know when I can get it back,but it is solution for now.I will  meditate before my brother comes home from work.While I am happy that my father will be alright , my heart is shattered to small pieces.I hope meditation will help me to get through this hard time because I really have know idea how to survive it.

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