I would make crepes every week for him

My father loves crepes he could eat it every day.We made a deal that I make him crepes once a month or because of any special occasion sometimes twice a month.It was the plan that on Tuesday we would have built a doll house together for my friend’s little girl.He cut out all the pieces we just had to put it together.I promised him crepes to thank his help.It was the plan.

On Monday he went to work and I woke up early to do little things around the house while everybody was at work.Before I could do anything I got a call from my father that I should pack him some of his stuff because he had to got to the hospital.(Later I found out he was in shock and he was capable to call me because he wasn’t able to understand that he had a serious accident.)Yes he had an accident at his workplace.He fell about 10 feet.I handled the situation very well I arranged a car for my mother to go after my father and I stayed at home with my grandmother while my brother tried to get home too.Our beautiful loving family fell to pieces in a minute.We showed and show to the world how strong we are but the reality is bad.We are devastated.Fortunately,someone is looking after us because my father had serious but not deadly injuries.

There is a long journey before us but one day he will be alright again.I don’t know when we will be able to build the doll house or when I can make crepes him again.I just know one thing I would do crepes for him every week the rest of my life if I know that it will heal him faster.

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